Pricing plans

Some prefer to purchase licenses upfront- others enjoy the benefits of a subscription model- WiseMo offer both license plans for greater flexibility.

WiseMo modules are perpetually licensed via a license key, use this method if your computers / devices are not Internet enabled, or you do not want to depend on Internet availability.

WiseMo modules are subscription licensed via connetion to  your WiseMo myCloud domain. Require your computers / devices are Internet enabled.

For subscription and perpetual licensing, you can benefit from volume discounts and for subscription licenses, you can also opt for longer periods of coverage at an even larger discount.

With our subscription model, you always have access to the latest versions of our modules and you can even transfer your license from one device to another. This way you only pay for the remote devices you want available. For perpetual licenses, you can purchase upgrades when you need or you can choose our yearly upgrade program where you receive all new versions at no additional charge.